Rules - Please read before posting

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Rules - Please read before posting

Post by JDMCollective on Sun Dec 18, 2011 11:13 am

If your going to be a part of this forum there are a few rules that we have set down to keep it free of crap:-

This is a japanese car forum, other clean cars will be tollerated, we all love a clean car after all.

No offensive language.

No defamatory posts.

Use the appropriate section for your posts.

If you have a question look around the forum for your answers before posting, you never know it may have been covered before.

People have opinions which may not be the same as yours, this doesnt mean one is right and the other wrong just different opinions, respect this.

If you have a problem with somebody, settle it elsewhere, don't clog the site up with arguments/bickering.

Avatars are to be no larger than 200 pixels high, 150 pixels wide.

No indecent exposure on pictures

If you are new on the site, please introduce yourself first and then post what you drive in the gallery if you like.

You will be asked to resize excessively large pictures, or they WILL be deleted.

Thanks Admin Very Happy

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