DIY Honda Civic EK spoiler tilt

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DIY Honda Civic EK spoiler tilt

Post by PowellyEG on Thu Jun 07, 2012 8:34 am

1.find a hand full of old bolts making sure you got 4 of same size and a few different size u need to get some electrical tape and put two of the same size bolts together and rap all the way around and do this to all 4

3. now i did 3 different sizes like this so i could get the right sort of tilt on mine like this you need to fit them now by doing this u need to open the boot and take off the bit of plastic covering the two 10mm bolts and there should be two more that are not covered you have undone all the bolts the spoiler should just come loss dont just yank it off because there a few wires/tubes still on the spoiler lift the spoiler up little bit and put your home made tilts on the thread closed to the back of the car (just force them through the tape) the tape will also stop them just falling off the thread when trying to line the spoiler up

7.put a little bit of tap over the hole where the thread used to go through so rain doesn't get in your boot

8. now bolt the spoiler down on only the back bolts and then it is done like this


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Re: DIY Honda Civic EK spoiler tilt

Post by eddie_666 on Mon Jul 02, 2012 8:20 pm

one of the best diy mods in my opinion


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