How To Prevent Your Doors From Rusting

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How To Prevent Your Doors From Rusting

Post by R13NGY on Fri Nov 09, 2012 7:58 pm

Doors rust out because moisture is trapped inside the door. There are drain plugs (4-6) on the bottom of each door that allow the exiting of water when it rains. This avoids moisture build-up, keeping rust free doors. Problem is these drain holes become clogged with debris and then the problem starts. To prevent this you should annually take a wire coat hanger and run it through each drain hole.


My broke down a$$ (hernia surgery this past wednesday) got outside and washed the entire car down so my bro could apply the compound and wax. Paint has looked really nasty since he wet sanded it. Now it's like showroom paint again

EK's have 4 approximately 1/2" Wide X 1/4" high holes that allow water drainage from the doors. In my drivers door I found leaves, crud, a little electronic motor of some type (seperate thread coming for it), dirt, and grime. Since my door panel had been off for over a month I just laid the water hose inside and let it do 98% of the work.....

Anyhow, took some pics for you guys.....


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