TOYOTA STARLET GLANZA 1.3 Turbo auto Silver

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TOYOTA STARLET GLANZA 1.3 Turbo auto Silver

Post by R13NGY on Fri Nov 16, 2012 6:07 am

Before you read on, i am and will be TOTALY honist to the best of my knowledge about this or any car i am selling, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

So its time to sell my little JDM hot hatch.

I havent owned this very long as i only needed it as a run around while building my other car but it has been spot on every second iv owned it.

when i brought the car it didnt have any previous history with the car but i have started a folder and filled it with the recips of things i have brought for it while in my ownership.

As there wasnt and previous history i desided to take it to get rolling roaded to see how it was doing and it came back at 120bhp and since i have changed plugs and fuel filter so should be 125 hopefully which is only around 5bhp less than stock, which is to be expected from a 16 year old car.

I myself have just serviced the car using castrol magnatec 10w40 oil and quality filters.

and I have only ran it on V-power in my ownership.

The car is pretty much a blank canvas as far as glanza's go, mods are-

Volk rep 15" alloys less than 500miles old

Unknown aftermarket exhaust (does vibrate on rear bumper)

HKS Turbo Timer

Racetech Boost Gauge

Bailey Dump Valve

NGK HT leads.

It is an auto which is a good point as you know it hasnt been redlined and thraped its whole life, can easily be changed to a manual for very little cost and is a common thing for owners to do.


The rear bumper looks like its had a VERY slight shunt and just bent the corner and scratched the paint but there is NO structual damage at all.

and theres a scuff/graze mark on passanger front but isnt bad and will probibly polish out to be honist.

it is in overall good condition, especialy compaired to alot of the glanza's i see being sold for daft money because they have a massive intercooler hanging out the front.

Also its very low milage being around the 73k miles.

To sum it up, you wont find a better glanza for a blank starting point to build on of keep standard

would make a lovley daily driver,

VERY cheap to insure/tax and VERY cheap on petrol

more pics will be added tomorrow. any questions feel free to ask.

thank you

bad points

it has a small dent on the boot as you can see from pics

wheel bearing could do with being done (ADL Blueprint wheel bearing will be supplyed with car or if it reaches good money fitted before collection)

Looking for £1800 ONO may swap for the right car Very Happy


Can be had on these wheels for £1400


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