My Red S2000

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My Red S2000

Post by matts2000 on Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:44 pm

Bought this as a fill in car between the glanza and moving to oz.

i got it completely standard with 3 owners in immaculate condition in july 2012.

bought some bc racing coilovers the day i got home and a full dms pro76r exhaust/decat and mani, shortly followed by the carbon bonnet and K&N FIPK intake.

couldnt fault it as a car and would recommend one to anyone, just a rip off on insurance, and not very torquey.

learnt how to skid in it and luckily never smashed it.

it has been to flood street a few times, and most shows/meets last year from june onwards.

whats everyone think, the last pic is of stock ride height just before it sold


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