S13 drifter

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S13 drifter

Post by S13FTW on Sun Jun 17, 2012 11:12 am

Hello all Smile

Most of you know me, its paul with the red s13 and grey bora. As it's a build thread i'll keep it ronnie corbett.

I had a Bmw e30 sport and learnt to drift in that, I then went fwd and regretted it. I'd always wanted an s13 but as you know, most are rotten and abused.

I then found this clean, unmolested unrotten S13 in london. It wasnt running right cos of a dusty maf sensor so after a long trip home with the car on an aa truck it was mine Smile

Slowly but surely I started buying bits and turning it into the driftcar I wanted. Being a carer for my uncle meant I didnt have a big budget but still managed to get things done.

Custom made exhaust

Lowering springs (soon to be replaced by coilovers)

Cant find all the photo's for each mod but i'll keep this updated as best I can from now on.

Mods to date are . . .

Custom exhaust removed and a custom side exit coming out just behind the passenger front wheel is fitted.
Deep dish steering wheel
Dildo gearknob
Short shift kit
SFS hose kit
Front mount intercooler
Sleepy eye mod
Plate removed and put in front window
Hks bov
Gizzmo electronic boost controller
Blitz induction kit
Aero wipers
S14a front leather seats
All carpet removed
All rear trim removed
Carbon fibre bootlid with perspex rear screen
Welded diff

Probably a few things i'v missed.

Sometime in march my bottom end decided to go, next saturday i'm picking up a low mileage (66k) ca18det, t28 turbo, half rollcage and lightened flywheel. All I need is a chip and the car should be running a healthy 280bhp.

Future plans are the usual, wheels, bodywork tidy up, more power (over the winter an sr20 will be going in), better brakes, coilovers, buckets and a carbon bonnet (not in that order lol)

So yeah, come say hello, it should be at the 2nd july meet, you'll definatley hear me coming!

Just a few random pics Smile


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Re: S13 drifter

Post by PowellyEG on Sun Jun 17, 2012 11:15 am

Welcome aboard Paul :-)

Lets hope the new engine goes in well and you can make it to the meet in this.

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Re: S13 drifter

Post by steve-o on Thu Jun 21, 2012 9:29 pm

looks good mate just shows you dont have to have a massive budget to build a car and enjoy it Cool

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Re: S13 drifter

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