Would you like to get involved.

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Would you like to get involved.

Post by JDMCollective on Sun Jan 15, 2012 8:48 am

We are looking for talented individuals with a bit of time to donate and help add as much value as possible for the community, I'm looking to recruit an amazing team to work behind the scenes, this is your chance to get involved.

We need:

Web designers: individuals who have good experience in Wordpress, phpBB, blogging, forum, online web design, graphic design, members who can also demonstrate there creative flair add value to the blog and forum set up.

  • Your capabilities, what can you do?
    Display projects you have worked on
    Experience in SEO
    What improvements can you add an why?

Forum Moderators: individuals who have a great track record in helping others on forums and can demonstrate good automotive / forum knowledge. (this is your chance to help build and guide the community)

  • Ideally I'm looking to see your drive/passion for the greater community
    Examples of instances where you have helped others, links to other forums, sites, facebook etc
    Your automotive / community knowledge
    What sort of moderator are you?
    What area would you like to moderate?

Photographers & Blog contributors: I need people who are out there in the field, drifters, track junkies, edgy and creative journalist's looking for a fantastic platform to display their content. (you will get your own section on the blog and moderator privileges to share your content on the forum)

  • Some examples of your work, blog / photographs
    Do you have any Photoshop experience?
    What is your speciality field?

Traders: Local traders with a good reputation who can provide products and services at a fantastic price. Are you a Local Garage, Tyre fitter, Insurance provider, Sell automotive parts, Clothing, Detailer, etc? What can you offer? we can offer you your own space on the blog (link to your site & space on the forum to discuss new products/services keep members up to date on projects etc).

  • Who are you what do you do / sell
    We would like to see some examples of you work
    Happy customer testimonials
    Demonstrate your reputation cross platform, do you trade on other forums / online?
    links to your website (if you don't have a website, I can have a basic online space arranged for you)

*Please note if you are just a car trader, you can sell cars in the cars for sale section you don't need trader status but please adhere to the rules, thank you.

Social media contributors: We need cross platform (facebook/twitter/myspace/other forum etc) Social networking experts to help build the community & share our story.

  • We need people with an automotive following
    We would like to see some examples of S/N

If you have any of the skills above I would love to hear from you, sites like this are only as valuable as the community we can build.

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