twin letterbox tail pipes

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twin letterbox tail pipes

Post by big-al on Tue Jul 31, 2012 11:15 pm

i have removed the tail pipes from my accord r to a single jap can
the ones i have removed ar s.s letterbox tail boxs from the single exhaust that comes up from the front then it splits i think it will fitt all accords or ludes or if you just need the back boxs ..this pipe will need welding on to make fit.. but m.i.j in walsall will do it for about £30

the guy i got the atr from paid £300 to have this fited if anyone wants these £50 ono i cant put pics up as my i phone its to tec for me but if you want to have a look im about 2 mins drive from the meet up place in dudley.. pm me or they will be cut of the branch pipes and sold on ebay
all that needs doing to fit these to a car is weld the pipe to the pipe that comes from the front of the car and hook the rubbers to the hangers as they come with this ...


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