EG/DC2 Tegiwa Brake Stopper and Genuine TypeR Gearknob

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EG/DC2 Tegiwa Brake Stopper and Genuine TypeR Gearknob

Post by griffo20022 on Sat Aug 18, 2012 8:43 pm

Hey guys just got two bits up for grabs, first up is a Tegiwa Brake Stopper to fit EG Civics and DC2 Integras. In good condition, missing the little red end plunger but still perfectly useable, also has a little powdercoating chipped off the back although purely cosmetic.

Price £15ono

Next up is a genuine, iirc DC2 ITR Gearknob, very nice weight to it, has a couple of minor scratches but nothing out of the ordinary, would probably come out with some metal polish if you really wanted to give it a go, all the colour in the numbers is all intact and still a nice bold red! Smile

Price £35ono

I'm based in Wolverhampton and can bring out to the next JDMC Monthly meet, alternatively can post but will have to bare with me as I get strapped for time lol!



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